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    When it comes to building a successful brand communication strategy.

  • How to stay cool in a crisis

    With a list of the Top 10 crisis management tips that will help you to avoid social media melt down.

  • The difference between PR & Branding

    And why they are such a powerful combo in your business and one that you cannot afford to ignore.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Authors of Branding Without Boasting

Lucy is one of the nicest, most straightforward and honest PR people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet - and she really does know her stuff. No flannel, no BS, no big promises that can’t be fulfilled - in my experience Lucy always tells it exactly how it is.

Nigel Botterill
Nigel Botterill The Entrepreneurs Circle

Neil is without doubt the single most insightful chap I have ever spoken to about branding.

Stuart Morrison
Stuart Morrison Mister Metric

Lucy is a top-notch PR professional. She seamlessly merges astute and in-depth knowledge of what her client is about, with a real talent for communicating. She knows what a journalist looks for – from originality to a speedy response and reliability – and delivers it in spades.

Gwenda Brophy Freelance National Journalist

Neil has a thorough intellectual grasp of the power of ‘branding’ combined with the creativity and experience to bring it alive in both online and offline environments. This is a rare skill-set making him so much more than a designer.

Vanessa Lanham-Day
Vanessa Lanham-Day On Track Marketing
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