Discover how the Brand Maximiser Programme can seriously improve the health of you bank account by creating a compelling brand that effortlessly attracts a steady flow of the right type of customers who need what you want and are prepared to pay for it.

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You know how great your service is, but does everyone else?

You have invested blood, sweat and tears into creating a product or service that you think is pretty epic. You've made some sales and made some profit, hell you might even have started to grow a team but you've hit a blockage.

All of a sudden it seems like the world and his wife are offering the same thing and you are struggling to get yourself noticed above the noise.

You've lost touch with the passion that drove you to launch the business.

You are struggling to articulate the difference you can make to your customers lives.

You have wasted a small fortune on developing websites or marketing campaigns that look pretty but aren't converting because they look just like everyone else.

Sound familiar?

The Brand Maximiser gives you access to your very own creative director.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff or hiring an agency, you can have an expert on hand to fine tune your ideas and turn your rough thoughts into fully-formed marketing magic that can be tracked and measured.

  • 1:1 Strategy Session

    Kick your month off with an intensive session to focus your mind on one task that will blow up your marketing.

  • Weekly focus calls

    Keep check of progress and keep on track with your commitments with scheduled calls each week.

  • Turn ideas into reality

    Access the highest level of marketing-driven design to turn your rough campaign ideas into reality.

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Calling all ambitious entrepreneurs.

Your time is NOW!

There has never been a better time to be a small business. You don't need to wait for permission to step up and get noticed. Be bold, be brave, grab the opportunity with both hands and Think BIG.

There are no prizes for waiting on the sidelines for the client of your dreams to take your hand and ask you to dance.. get out there in the middle of the floor and start your own dance crew and blow everyone's socks off!

Aarif Merali

"Neil's process for building your avatar profile to is amazing. It gets right under the skin of your target audience and really uncovers what makes them tick plus the pain points they have. Armed with this knowledge I can now approach those difficult prospects in a completely different manner!"

Aarif Merali, D2R Cross Media


The Brand Maximiser is part of a complete system of learning, training and implementation tools that includes support, webinars, live training, consultancy, coaching and done for you services. All designed to steer you smoothly you from obscurity to high profit and high profile.

  • Understand

    Define your core value and then identify and get inside the head of your perfect customer so you don’t have to waste your time pitching to time wasters.

  • Communicate

    Develop the perfect language to speak to staff, customers and prospects then create an automated system for sharing relevant and compelling content.

  • Grow

    Discover the best channels to connect with your audience and craft strategies for keeping in front of the right people and grow your own tribe.

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